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Words about the life worth living

Christy Karras

Photo by Valentina Vitols

My work is all about the good things in life. I write about travel and the arts. I edit books about recreation and romance. The books I write help readers navigate places and the past. 


As a journalist, I write articles, essays, and reviews for a variety of print and online outlets. My writing has appeared in the Seattle Times, where I am a regular contributor; the New York Times; Beyond, the Alaska Airlines magazine; Yahoo Travel; the (London) Sunday TimesSeattle Met; the Washington State Visitors Guide; Healthy Living Made Simple; Catalyst Wedding; and others. 


I also edit fiction (mostly mystery/thriller, women's fiction/romance, and historical) and nonfiction (travel, history, nature) books for publishers and independent authors. I implement and manage large-scale editorial projects including websites, magazines, and curated content.

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