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My Clients


My Clients

I edit books and book proposals for fiction and nonfiction publishers and authors. Services include content editing, line editing, copyediting, and fact checking. I specialize in historical and genre fiction (romance, thriller/mystery), but I also edit nonfiction titles, including books about travel, culture, and nature.


I have also headed other kinds of large-scale editorial projects and campaigns in both the digital and print realms. 


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I edit fiction and nonfiction titles for several publishers. Clients include Mountaineers Books  and Girl Friday Productions.

Independent authors

Independently published authors are some of my favorite clients. My experience in the publishing industry means indie authors get the same level of editing from me as they would from a traditional publisher. My experience as a writer helps me understand how to communicate with authors to ensure mutual understanding.


Corporate clients

I do content curation, copywriting and editing, and ghostwriting for a number of business leaders and corporate clients. I have also helped launch two magazines, including Wasatch Journal, a regional lifestyle magazine; and Healthy Living Made Simple, a wellness magazine for Sam's Club members (print circulation: 8 million copies). I coordinate with other members of editorial and production teams, developing strategy as well as planning, assigning, and editing articles and preparing content for publication.

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