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Editing Services


What I Do

While I've done everything from developmental (or story) editing to proofreading, my forte is line editing.


What is line editing? It starts with copy editing—making sure everything is grammatically correct and spelled and punctuated properly. But it goes beyond just the mechanics. I strive to make each sentence and every paragraph their best while maintaining the author’s unique voice. 


I'm always on the lookout for story and consistency issues. I also do fact checking of things like proper names and historical accuracy.


I bring the same level of rigor to my independent-author clients that I do to my work for publishers. 

How It Works

Each project is different. Typically, after an initial getting-to-know-you conversation, I'll ask a potential client to send me the manuscript, or a portion of it. I'll do a sample edit that will help me determine what level of editing is needed. The sample also gives potential clients an idea of my style when it comes to editing and querying authors.


Based on the sample and my assessment of the manuscript as a whole, I calculate a cost estimate for the whole project. I've been doing this long enough that my estimates are typically pretty accurate. Once we have an understanding, I’ll get to work.


While the cost of any given edit is based on that particular project, my hourly rates are in line with those outlined on the Editoral Freelancers Association website.


Communication is key: I'll let you know not only what changes I'm making but why. 

Editing FAQs 

Q. Where can I find more about what editors do and how they do it?

A. I am a member of the Northwest Independent Editors Guild ( and the American Society of Copy Editors ( Check out their websites for more information on how to choose an editor, what an editor's job entails, and what to expect from the editing process.

Q. What's a style guide? Which ones do you use?

A. If you want to hire a professional editor, you'll want someone who's familiar with style guides. Every traditional publisher uses one as a starting point for how to treat various situations that arise in text.


I typically use the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Ed., for book projects and AP or Yahoo style for web or magazine projects. I am also adept at following house style and creating style guides. I return each editing project with its own style sheet for the client’s reference.


For any given project, I create a style sheet specific to that book or publication.

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