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I frequently speak and teach on topics including storytelling; the mechanics of writing and editing; and the businesses of editing and publishing. 
Upcoming Events

April 02, 2016

As full-time staff positions become more scarce (and more stressful), many editors are exploring their freelance options. Christy Karras, a former newspaper and magazine staff writer and editor, will share what she and fellow former staffers have learned as they've made the transition from salaried employment to freelance editing. She'll discuss how to find a niche, whether and when to seek continuing education, how to find clients, and the basics of setting up your freelance business.

May 03, 2016

Rotary Club of Emerald City (Seattle, Washington)

Stories about lessons learned from a life on the road.

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Recent Events

October 10, 2015

Beyond the Red Pencil: Editing in the 21st Century (Seattle, Washington)

Christy was part of a panel, “From World Building to Happily Ever-Afters: Editors Explore Genre Fiction”

October 17, 2015

Emerald City Writers’ Conference (Bellevue, Washington)

Christy and Jennifer Hilt presented “Cousins, Colleagues, and Cronies: Creating Story-Boosting Supporting Characters”

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