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About Me

How I got here

A brief bio...

Whether as a staffer or an independent journalist, I’ve always sought out the things that make life worth living. That’s taken me everywhere from Belgium to Brazil writing travel stories. It’s given me the impetus to learn to rock climb, surf, and ride a motorcycle. Through my work, I’ve met a host of inspiring, entertaining, and intriguing people.


Starting out as a news writer, I cut my teeth at The Associated Press. Writing for a national wire service taught me to edit others’ work—and have my work edited by others. My work ran in publications around the U.S. and the world.


But news often means bad news, and after helping the AP cover the Olympics in my home state of Utah in 2002, I gladly switched to arts, entertainment, and culture writing as a staff writer for the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah's largest daily newspaper. I began writing books at the same time, starting with the second edition of Scenic Driving: Utah. I've now written six books.


After helping found a regional lifestyle magazine, I continued as an associate editor until I moved to Seattle and started my own writing, editing, and content curation business. I edit books for clients including publishers and independent authors, specializing in historical and genre fiction.


See my LinkedIn page for more details on my career.


Now for the fun stuff: I live in Seattle with my husband, Bill. I've been a White House intern and a game-show contestant, and I was recently inducted into the Sourtoe Cocktail Club.

Christy and the Buell on a research trip to Arizona. (photo by Stephen Zusy)

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