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Editing Resources

(a.k.a: faqs)

I often get questions. Here are a few answers. (I'll add more soon.)

Q. Where can I find more about what editors do and how they do it?

A. I am a proud member of the Northwest Independent Editors Guild ( and the American Society of Copy Editors ( Check out their websites for more information on how to choose an editor, what an editor's job entails, and what to expect from the editing process.

Q. What's a style guide? Which ones do you use?

A. If you want to hire a professional editor, you'll want someone who's familiar with style guides. Every traditional publisher uses one as a starting point for how to treat various situations that arise in text.


I typically use the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Ed., for book projects and AP or Yahoo style for web or magazine projects. I am also adept at following house style and creating style guides. I return each editing project with its own style sheet for the client’s reference.


For any given project, I create a style sheet specific to that book or publication.

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